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Class of 1960's 75th Birthday Bash, August 2017, Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park
Class of 1960's 75th Birthday Bash, August 2017, Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park

Front row: 
(left to right) Anne Burger, Bill McElwee, Bernie Cook, Gary Loomis, Phyllis McLaren, Barbara Child, Chuck Moeder, Barbara Bennett, Judy Mitchell, Icemae Murray, Sandy Aldrich, Kathleen Muzzy, Patricia Newman, Jean Magnus

Back Rows: (left to right-staggered) Dave Sears, Steve Beaulieu, George Damp, Joe Scaglione, Nancy Hubbell, Ben Adams, Nancy Cladel, Steve Stephenson, Beverly Brink, John Osborn, Bob Townsend, Bill Gordon, Janice Murphy, Richard Owlett, Terry Hilker, Robert Gray, Dave Wilson, Robin Alexander, Dean Melville, Alan Simons.

​These were the picnic attendees. Others joined us for the various weekend activities but were not able to attend the picnic where the class photo was taken. Classmate Peggy Payne's  professional photographer brother, Monroe, took this picture. Phyllis sent out ordering information if you'd like your own close-up copy of this.  There's also a copy that includes spouses and significant others.
Barbara Jones Zanato
Barbara Jones Zanato
Sad news. BARBARA JONES ZANATO Passed Away

Sally Yango reported that Barbara Jones  Zanato passed away earlier this month. Barbara had been battling cancer for several months. She was staying with her daughter, in Darian, Connecticut.

Her full obituary appears under the "Deceased Classmates" section.

The excellent 75th Birthday Bash cake.
The excellent 75th Birthday Bash cake.

​Thanks to some of our volunteer class photographers  Richard Owlett, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman and Steve Beaulieu, we will start  sharing their contributions on this website and our class Facebook page. These are by no means all inclusive, but will  serve as a start as we document our 75th Birthday Bash, held back in August.

​In the "Class Photo Albums" section of this website, we will try and arrange the photos by events. As new photos come in from other classmates we'll add to these photo albums. Check back often, because these take awhile to upload and position.

​The event were: Thursday at the Ciao! restaurant, Cornell Ornithology School  (Sapsucker Woods), Moosewood Luncheon and old building tour, The Rose, Tremen State Park hike, class picnic at Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park and Sunday brunch at the  Ithaca Ramada.

Labeling: In anticipation of the usual " Who are these people?" questions, we will attempt to label as time permits.

Lining up for class photographs that Monroe Payne took.
Lining up for class photographs that Monroe Payne took.
Ornithology lab tour at Sapsucker Woods
Ornithology lab tour at Sapsucker Woods
John and Jan Osborn at The Rose
John and Jan Osborn at The Rose
Roseanne Beach, Karen McLean
Roseanne Beach, Karen McLean
Dean and Sandy Archer Melville speaking with Barbara Bennett
Dean and Sandy Archer Melville speaking with Barbara Bennett
Al Simons with Anne Burger Perna
Al Simons with Anne Burger Perna
Dave and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
Dave and Mary Lee Hagin Banfield
Gary Loomis and Liz Dunn
Gary Loomis and Liz Dunn
Dave Wilson and Sara Watkins
Dave Wilson and Sara Watkins
Event chair, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, speaking at picnic
Event chair, Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, speaking at picnic
Classmates on the trail
Classmates on the trail
Tour leaders Wilson and Bruckner
Tour leaders Wilson and Bruckner
Karen Daharsh Jewell
Karen Daharsh Jewell

Karen Daharsh Jewell passed away September 10,2017 following a brief illness.

karen was born March 20,1943 in Ithaca, NY, the eldest daughter of the late Clarence "Barney"and AltheaDaharsh. She was preceded in death by her sister, Beth Long oy and her husband, James Jewell.

Karen is survived by her sister Deborah Reynaof Ithaca; son Gordon Vonderlin and his wife Debbie and their sons Christopher, Brian and Matthew of Bath, NY; daughter Leslie Vonderlin Cirulli and her husband Michaelof Newfield, NY; daughter Jennifer Roper and her husband Douglas of Boise, ID. And their son Sergeant Dalton Vonderlin, stationed at JBLM, Washington, DC and nieces Kerrie Marshall (Josh) and her son Skyler and Valeri Longcoy (Jamie) and her children Savannah and Bailey. She enjoyed time with her great grandchildren, Jacob and Aubrey Vonderlin.

Visitation will be held at Bangs Funeral Home in Ithaca on Saturday, September 16 at 10 a.m., services to follow.

Ithaca is our home, and HOME is where our story all begins... 

Last weekend some of us were able to share our stories, take a look at the later chapters, and encourage each other to make the years ahead be the best we can - the chapters yet to be written. 
At 75-ish, attendees agreed that we are more comfortable with who we are, and interested in what others have experienced; allowing for easy connections and renewal of friendships. Laughter and hugs gave us bonus moments.
 We understand not everyone could make the trip, and we missed those who could not. Most likely someone asked about you and we tried to fill in the blanks. If you have entered a recent profile in our class website, we referred to that. Some sent messages to read to the class and we did share those. Our class is the same, yet we seem to be growing closer. Kathleen organized a wonderfully casual and comfortable gathering for both Friday night and Saturday. We also enjoyed hiking the gorges of Ithaca, and touring Cornell’s Ornithology Lab and the Research Center located there. Almost thirty toured the old high school building  and ate lunch at the famous Moosewood Restaurant, housed in the lower level. Some drove by their old neighborhoods, toured the Cornell campus, walked Stewart Park nature trails, walked through the Botanical Gardens, or went to Ithaca’s fabulous Farmer’s Market. After a day or weekend of exploring in little groups, we like to gather and exchange our day’s activities with other classmates. This year, Purity Ice Cream made a perfect ‘end of day’ place to be. We’ll do that again!! About 70 classmates and guests were able attend this year, a few attending their first such gathering.

 Many pictures were taken by two photographers and also individuals, and those will be shared on FB,, and individual emails. Richard Owlett is compiling a DVD of pictures from over the years. We will let you know when that is for sale.

The Monroe Payne Photography website offers purchase prices for the class pictures he took. Your purchase takes place right through his web site but if you have difficulty with this, we can assist you with your purchase. Log in to No need to set up an account to order. Those of you on our surface mailing list, I will add the class photo here for your review.
 While we were gathered together at the birthday party, we brought several points forward for every classmate’s consideration. I will recap those here for you. We seriously need your input. Your comments will be compiled for future decisions, hoping to meet all of your requests fairly and openly. While some can still travel to see friends personally, some cannot, and ALL classmates should experience the benefit of what we share as a class: interesting, caring people united in kind.

 Question: will the next reunion in 2020 be the last full reunion? (Meaning … 3-4 days of activities offering opportunities for classmates to gather in interest groups and enjoy time together. ) And would you like it to be in Ithaca?

 Question: Would you be interested in organizing a regional mini-reunion in your area? Robert and Janet Gray initiated this type of gathering in 2013, followed by Alison MacLeod in 2014.  Kathleen is interested in a gathering in Florida. The Grays have again invited us to Massachusetts in 2018! Look for more information on that gathering. The directory has a list of classmates by state. Check it out! Bring folks to your area for a lunch, an afternoon, or whatever works for you.

 Question: Would you consider a class cruise? Nancy Cladel Scholes brought a pamphlet on cruises, suggesting another way we could gather. Think about it. All may not be able to do this, but some? Why not?

 Question: what about a reunion inviting classmates from the Class of 1959 and 1961. Or … we might each bring our primary guest (spouse, sister, best friend) PLUS an additional guest from another class … or think about someone in our class who has not attended a reunion recently and extend a personal invitation to host them the next time…sometimes all it takes is a personal phone call.

 What other ideas do you have?

 We also spoke about the importance of asking the person you have chosen to handle your personal affairs to contact Steve or Phyllis if/when the day comes that you are no longer able to continue communicating with us. We do care, and are often left wondering how you are. Thank you for taking care of that. No matter how long we keep having reunions and regional gatherings, the communication between classmates will continue until there is no one able to handle this. Steve and Phyllis are totally dedicated to this endeavor, but we need to equip others in our class to carry on if necessary. No pay, VERY high reward. Talk to us about how you might help.

 The 2017 Revised Directories are a major tool for us to stay in touch with each other. Carry it with you on road trips; keep it handy at home. Phyllis just returned from a few days in a small town in Nebraksa. We have a classmate in that town! I called her, we got together, and both of us found great joy and reward from that little effort to re-connect. (Carol Caveney Lavelle was indeed a joy to visit with.)

  A few corrections and additions were given to me at or since the birthday party, and they are:

1.       Sandy and Dean Melville really do live at the same place, in the same home, with each other. In the directory, Sandy’s address was updated but not Dean’s. They both live in Upper Jay, happily, together.
2.      Al Simons changed his phone number and it is 520-429-1221.
3.      Anne Burger Perna’s email address is Cross off the E at the beginning.
4.      George Damp has an email address:
5.      Sandra Collins and Vivian Miller are deceased, the years unknown.
6.      In the section of “Classmates by state”, Debbie Briggs’ town name is Newton Highlands, not Islands.
7.      Carol Spencer Arthur has a new address and email; 10239 W. Smiley Creek Ct., Star, ID 83669-5690
8.     Carol Caveney Lavelle has an email address:
  If you would like a 2017 Directory mailed to you, please order with Phyllis. The cost is $8, including postage. They will be mailed first class.

Send payment to Phyllis Sommerman, 386 Union Mills Rd, Broadalbin, NY 12025
After November 1, please mail payment to 3245 Riverton Road, The Villages, FL 32162.
 The Directory doesn’t tell the stories or have the pictures that our website does so please refer to that frequently. Steve Beaulieu updates frequently, accepts your pictures with names/captions, and his expert ability to search for people is so valuable to us. If you have any trouble adding or editing your profile, please call Steve for help 352-665-9780. My suggestion for those profiles is that you date it, and revise it every few years to keep it current. It does not have to be long and detailed. Just give us the flavor of life you are enjoying, etc.

Kathleen enjoyed the weekend so much. Watch for an email with her thoughts, addressed to you, soon.

Kathleen, Steve and Phyllis are all Florida residents and we are preparing for Hurricane Irma as I write this. We have many classmates in Texas and Florida, and have prayed for those in Texas as we pray for safety in Florida now. Classmates care. 
 We hope you are taking care of yourselves as best you can and will be able to attend our 60th Reunion in 2020, and/or at a Regional gathering in your area. We truly have amazing and interesting people in our class with an unmistakable bond. You are an important part of that bond.

 Steve and Phyllis
Dorothy Rosa Littman
Dorothy Rosa Littman

​It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Dorothy Rosa Littman, on Saturday, July 22. Details are sketchy at this time. We will update this article when her obituary is published.

​A check of Dorothy's Facebook page gives us a glimpse into a part of her life that has already had a positive impact on the lives of many. Dorothy was a teacher in California for many years.  Several of her former students and colleagues have already shared how significant her influence was on their lives.  She will be greatly missed.

​Dorothy was looking forward to joining with her IHS classmates next month in celebrating the 75th Birthday Bash. She was a key player on Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte's picnic planning committee. The class will enjoy the fruits of her dedicated preparation at the gathering. We will pause during that weekend to reflect on the lives of Dorothy and our other classmates who contributed to the character of the Class of 1960.


Our Birthday Picnic is drawing near...

Well kids, our 75th birthday party is less than two months away. The details are about the same; however I do have a few updates.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology at Sapsucker Woods is offering a behind the scenes tour of the lab’s research area if we have at least 10 people interested. Either way, we will meet at 9:00 to walk the grounds on the hunt for choice views of birds and wild life. The special tour will be after that.

The tour of our old high school on Friday will be after having lunch at Moosewood. Steve Beaulieu is organizing this. Meet at the Cayuga Street entrance a little before noon, and call Steve early to get your reservation in for lunch. 352-665-9780. Then after lunch, about 1:00, a group will tour our old high school on our own, testing each other’s memories.

Chuck Moeder sent me a Visit Ithaca booklet he picked up on a recent visit to Ithaca. It includes a map of the Ithaca area, as well as some good tips on what to see. Example: on the way up south hill to the picnic on Saturday, since we are not serving lunch, you may want to “grab ‘n go” a bite at any of several locations listed. Of course we know where Purity Ice Cream is and Dave Wilson has already scheduled his time for this stop. The booklet also lists hiking trails, waterfalls, farmers markets, wineries, and many points of interest to fill in your stay.

We have intentionally made this weekend less complicated than a regular reunion with just a few organized events:

Friday - Sapsucker Woods – The Old High School – Meet and Greet at The Rose

Saturday – Hiking at R H Treman – Picnic at Upper Buttermilk

Sunday brunch at the Ramada is optional and to be arranged on your own.

That said, if you’ve come a long way, or if you just have not been to Ithaca in quite a while, take the time to see your hometown. The booklet on Ithaca will be available at The Rose. Seek others with a common interest and make plans to see Ithaca together.

Who’s Coming?   As of June 28th:

Paid classmates – Dave and Mary Lee Banfield; George and Alice Damp; Steve and Linda Beaulieu; Robert Brotherton; Karen Daharsh Jewell and her sister

Deborah; Liz and Gary Loomis; Carol and Bill Gordon; Janet and Robert Gray; Steve Stephenson; Pat and Manny Newman Mena; Dean and Sandy Aldrich Melville; Judy Mitchell Knuutila; Charlie Moeder; Dave and Della Wilson; Bob and Janet Townsend; Jim Wells; Larry and Phyllis Sommerman; Sara Watkins and Dave Sears; Dorothy Rosa Littman; Richard and Jen Owlett.

Not yet paid but “check’s in the mail” from: Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte; Nancy and Charlie Cladel Scholes; Ben and Marcia Adams; Sylvia Root Cacciotti; Linda DeWeese and Keith Bruckner; Barbie Bennett; Larry and Alison MacLeod; Beverly Brink and Bob Hillman; Terry Hilker Donlick; Carol and Bernie Cook; Nancy Hubbell Breen; Joe and Nancy Scaglione.

I will have my laptop with me at the picnic. If you are not comfortable entering your profile on our class website, I’ll help. No Wifi there, but I can type your entry as you dictate and enter it later. Some, including mine, need updating. I’m going to add a date on mine for point of reference.

We are truly blessed to be part of this town and class from Ithaca High School. As we reflect on our lives, we realize all the ‘great beginnings’ that happened in Ithaca, and give thanks.

I hope this email / letter finds you at a good place in your life, reflecting on good friends, good times, beautiful places, and that you can come and share your life story with us in late August.

I send my blessings.  Phyllis


Many of our classmates have responded to our latest communication with greetings and wishes for a wonderful 75th birthday party.  I’ll share their comments with you as they come to me. 
To date we have heard from …
From Andy Anderson,
Hi Phyllis,
I really wish I could go.  Emilia arranged a Smithsonian Tour in Denmark and Norway in August and we cannot be back in time to attend.  I am retiring as of July 1!  It means no more teaching, but  as emeritus I will continue with research and writing at Case, using my office and lab for one or more years.  There is much research to be done and some of it is in collaboration with other institutions.  There will be a lot of traveling.
With warm regards and best wishes to everyone,
From Norma Brunk Sullivan  
Hello from Tombstone, Arizona. Regretfully I will not be able to attend in August. The trip to the bird sanctuary brings back many memories.  I lived on Hanshaw Rd. And use to ride my bike there as well as ice skate on the pond when their was just a barn there. 
I would welcome anyone who would be interested in visiting the old wild west tourist town of Tombstone. I am active here on several city committees and would be happy to show off the town to anyone who can come.               Have a great 75th birthday celebration.                                Norma Brunk Sullivan 
From Arnie Hammer,
Mary and I have a new address that I may not have given you:
4701 Willard Ave
Apt 1231
Chevy Chase, MD 20815.  email and phone numbers are the same.
Arnie and Mary Hammer 
From Kathy Sieverts Hanna
Dear Phyllis - my husband, Tom Hanna, & I recently moved from Ithaca to Englewood FL.  We will not be able to attend the birthday party.  
Wow!  75 years, hard to get my head around that!
Kathi Hanna
New address at the bottom of this letter.
Kati & Tom Hanna
745 Sesame Street
Englewood FL 34223-2655
From Gloria Greenwood Caruti
Hi Phyllis -  So sorry I will miss this year....Some prior commitments and having "reactions" from chemo Meds...
I always try to stay Positive....Been in remission for 10 yrs from the Multiple Myeloma ( had stem cell transplant),,,,then 2 yrs ago had breast cancer, so far OK from that......Us "country" women are Tough..... Hope All have a Great time and weather cooperates...💚☘   . Give my Love to All.....
            Gigi. 💚☘
From Bev Upper Ciferni
Hi Phyllis,
Thanks for the personal invite! Sounds like a great weekend planned. However, I do not plan on attending. That weekend is one we spend every summer at our son's lake house in Silver Lake with the rest of our family.
There is not much to update - we are in good health and still spending 6 months in Florida and 6 in Cazenovia. We have 7 grandchildren (8-15) that we are fortunate to see fairly often. Life has been very good to us!
You might pass on to Dave Wilson that I decided it is time to be an activist! (a gentle one I might add)  Better late than never!
My very best to all our great classmates!
Bev Upper Ciferni
From Teresa Aroca Haskin
So sorry, but my husband Chuck and I have a commitment on that weekend that we could not graciously cancel out on.
We are both doing well and continue to teach line dancing 2 nights a week, although right now are on summer break.
I really don't have any news and haven't been in contact with anyone from our 1960 class.
Thank you for keeping the spirit going and maybe see you next year,
Terri (Teresa)
Note: I responded back to her that our next reunion would be the 60th in 2020, and she now wonders if we will be in wheel chairs. I said “not if we keep dancing!!” Terri is one who will keep in touch with email, but has not been able to attend any recent gatherings – we need to encourage those who do not think they would come because they have not kept in touch, although it appears they do have other commitments this time.

The site of our 50th IHS '60 Reunion
The site of our 50th IHS '60 Reunion

December 2016

​From: Phyllis McLaren Sommerman

 Dave Wilson would be proud. I did the math.

 We’ve been making memories and building relationships with each other for 60 years! That’s if we met in high school; even longer if we went to the same grade school. Anybody know where Mike Lawrence is? Cute little devil. He used to chase me around the playground at Belle Sherman. He moved away when he either decided he couldn’t catch me or lost interest. My loss.
So many memories. Living next door to Terry Cullen, I would babysit on Christmas Eve so the Cullens could go to midnight mass as a family, except for the littlest ones. I remember Christmas shopping at Rothchilds, then hoping you could get all the way up State Street hill in the snow storm without getting behind a car that was losing traction. Then everyone was slipping and sliding. Terrible.
Our neighborhood went caroling. And the big hill out front we went sledding on? It shrunk!
Well, exercise that brain and savor the best of those years. Know that your classmates are remembering you during this holiday season, and wondering how and where you are.
From Ithaca to North, South, East and West, we’re together in heart. Sending our very best wishes to you. May the peace you generate from your humble being be the saving Grace received by many.
 Save the date – 75th Birthday Bash – Ithaca – August 25,26,27 2017

Steve Beaulieu –
Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte - 352-250-2000

Dave Wilson –
Phyllis Sommerman –
From Barry Smith's son: "It is with heavy heart that I regret to inform you of my Dad's passing. He passed while in the hospital in the early morning hours of Jan 1st. I'm going to ask FB to keep his profile open as a memorial. No formal memorial is planned as yet, though my wife and I would like to do something small for him, most likely in the Spring. My Dad was very low key, and arranged to be cremated with no direction as to any other wishes regarding his passing. I ...will be spreading some of his ashes on Clearlake, Del Valle, Anderson, the O'Neill Forebay, and Pinecrest, all places he liked to fish, or at least places we went fishing together It's been rough dealing with everyday life and taking on the responsibility of handling me Dad's affairs with his passing, so please forgive me for how late this is in getting out there. I can be contacted at Cameron B Smith if you have any memories you'd care to share. Also, if anyone has any contact information for his second wife, Debbie, it would be greatly appreciated."

Jb Graves​ recently visited Trumansburg, from his home in Cerritos Beach Baja Sur, Mexico, to help celebrate his Mom's 97th birthday. He had an opportunity to get together with some of his IHS classmates. He shared this photo with Phyllis McLaren Sommerman​. Pictured are Mary Lee Hagin Banfield, Mary Egan Gutenberger, John Gutenberger, David Banfield, Terry Cullen, Sue Hastings Cullen and JB Graves. They gathered at The Boatyard in Ithaca.

Ithaca (NY) High School Class of 1960 Now on FACEBOOK

Sixty two classmates have joined the newly created, closed group on Facebook. Check it out and join us. Your input, as always, is welcome.

"As is likely well known at this point, this weekend (September 10) cable TV (MSNBC 's Dateline) carried a tough story on a promising Cornell undergraduate who got tragically involved in a family altercation and then faced a complicated murder charge in Rochester.

The student had been a student athlete, and his sprint football coach was Terry Cullen, who was interviewed extensively for the program. I had forgotten how clear and sane and humane and thoughtful Terry always was. I wish more people, including me, were like that."

Larry McCray
To the Class of 1960, Ithaca High School: SPRING NEWSLETTER

What’s happening in your world? We love hearing from you. Send word to me  (Phyllis McLaren Sommerman))by email: or by Phone: 518-421-6726, or mail 3245 Riverton Road, The Villages, FL 32162. (my mail is forwarded if I am not in FL at the time.) I’ll pass your news on to our webmaster Steve Beaulieu. He frequently updates our website  and will share your news with the rest of the class. I was just on the website tonight to update my profile. You might do the same! Date stamp it too. 
At the last reunion / picnic those in attendance agreed to keep mailing memos / updates to all classmates who don’t have email. We want to stay connected with you and also those who don't use email. Donations were made that day to cover the cost of postage. Phyllis is STILL not on FB, despite the efforts of Susie Hough to encourage me. Don't give up Susie! 
NEW REUNION CHAIRPERSON!! The next event is our 75th birthday bash!! Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte has asked to plan the reunion, drawing her committee from many who offered to help her. It will be in Ithaca; no date selected yet. I would like to continue as Treasurer and correspondence lady. Steve would like to continue as our Web Master and people finder. At some point Steve and I will find a back-up person; in the event of our demise our class will continue to stay in touch. That is most important!!!
News from classmates: 
Ron Winchell had a challenging year health wise, sometimes with he and his wife both in the hospital at once. Ron has rallied, giving hope that many of us will do the same.
I haven’t heard from JB Graves lately but he always signs his notes “no bad days” and that makes me smile!  
Dorothy Griffith Sonnichsen traveled to Southern Ireland Nov 2015 reporting pansies blooming and tiny little daisies in the grass, beautiful country and very nice, polite people.  
Dave Wilson is very committed to preserving the natural springs in Florida. He recently hosted the North Florida Springs Environmental Center Open House, inviting Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte and myself to attend. I was not in Florida, but Kathleen did go. Dave gets the gold star for traveling all over to meet up with classmates, and keeping in touch with teacher Dorothy Sicilia Stewart
The last time I had an email from Peggy Hertel Cooney she was also traveling quite a bit. We’d love to hear more from you  Peggy, and from any of you. Steve and I get nervous when the wires get too quiet. 
You may have seen news/ pictures on the web site about Beverly Brink Hillman and her successful campaign to collect funds for the fence around the carousel in Stewart Park. She deserves so much credit for her involvement in the park restorations, and so do you!!!  Our class made the majority of donations! We love Stewart Park and you demonstrated that with your gifts. 🎠 
Peggy Payne had an extended work year on playground design and safety this year with a mild winter. A very successful business and congratulations to you Peggy. 
Linda Rocker Rogovin and Rose Cmilansky Lee could not make it to the reunion and requested  directories so they might stay in touch. You can do the same. $8 covers printing and postage.
Spring has arrived at Keith Bruckner’s home in Tennessee and he can’t wait to get out there and dig in the soil!  Ask him any plant name; either he or Jan Murphy Ivkovich will know it!
Steve Beaulieu has learned that classmate Peggy Sweeting, who was listed as “no contact” was actually deceased in 1999. See a list of the deceased classmates on the website. 
Dave Breen has emailed and given us his phone and email address!! I have listed it in the new directory to be distributed at the next reunion. We have no contact information for some -Steve has listed the names of these classmates on the web site. Please review the list and let us know if you have information on anybody on the list. Thank you. No one will be “forgotten”. Also, advise me of your change of address, etc.
Before I go, I’d like to leave you with some encouragement. Aging is so very challenging, and yet it is inviting. No matter our circumstances, we have an opportunity to respond to a second calling; not a second career, but a second chance at life. A second calling is about living life as someone you have become. It is about sharing your legacy – how you will be remembered. It was very obvious at the last reunion, and in your emails, that we all have much to share and give to others. We find some roots in who we were in 1960, but even better, we love who we are free to become now. Help us get to know that person. Honor us. Stay in touch. 
Another memo from us will be mailed as soon as we have details to share on the next reunion.
On behalf of all those keeping us close, I send our best wishes to you.

Phyllis McLaren Sommerman

            "The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at Stewart Park on Saturday, ​June 18th from 2-4. This is for the new fence that mostly the class of 1960 paid for.   I raised almost $12,000 for the beautiful Fred Whitmore 6 foot tall fence surrounding the newly repainted Carousel Horses.    Maybe we could make this a real party?    Ride the horses for free, and then maybe to my house for wine and cheese, and out to dinner??????  Thanks to everyone who made this possible and fun.    
       The other news is that John Gute​nberger made it possible for an Elk Club Grant to pay for a ramp taking those in wheel chairs onto the Carousel.    Thanks John. "
       With deep gratitude from the Friends of Stewart Park.
   Beverly Brink Hillman
June 1, 2015

The Friends of Stewart Park is excited to be participating in this final round of Tompkins Trust Company's Community Minute Challenge during the next 14 days! Thank you to our supporters who voted for us and helped us get to this final round where FSP is in a friendly competition with the Hangar Theatre, Running To Places, and Relay for Life for the $5,000 grand prize!

Once again, Friends of Stewart Park is happy to  tell its story -- the story of Stewart Park past, present and future -- to our old and new friends. During the next two weeks we will tell you all about numerous park improvement projects that have been completed, are underway, or are being planned, and a few, too, that are being considered for the future. And FSP will be asking for YOUR support EVERY DAY by VOTING HERE. 

Thanks for supporting the Friends of Stewart Park and these other great community organizations!
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  90 Classmates have posted their profiles as of  October 23, 2017 Norma Brunk has joined Betty Roskelly, Sandra Sortman, Bob Townsend, Ed Michael,  Ward Whitlock, Bonnie Westfall, Andy Powell (updated March 2016), Vance McCullough ,Stephen Stephenson (updated Apri2016), Charlotte Sweet, Lois White , Ruth Culp, Geza Ginzery, Roland Barnett, Dan Sayre, Helen Mandeville, Susan Whicher, Carol Robedee , Jane Miller, Sandy Aldrich, Chuck Moeder, Evie Hall, Marcia Tilton, Jean Torrant, Joel Ekholm, Alice Caldwell,and Jim Ormiston, June Layton,John Osborn,Ginny Sigler, Victor Newhart, Beverly Brink, Ellen  
Royce  Jan Murphy, Martin Wright, Dan Wallenbeck, Patricia Newman, Ollie Detweiler  Arnie Hammer, David Spencer, Peggy Hertel, Al Simons, Bill Gordon, Jinny Klune, Phil Ewanicki, Tom Vormwald, Dorothy Van Order, Shari Grover (updated March 2015), Ed Knaysi, Liz Horn, Bob Gray, Suzie Hough, Keith Bruckner, Phyllis McLaren (updated June 2017),Terry Cullen, Bernie Cook,Terry Hilker (updated June 2017) Judy Mitchell, Bill Lester, Kenna Grant, David Meldrum, Barry Smith, Alison MacLeod , Mary Avery, Gigi Greenwood, JB Graves (updated JUNE 2015), Dave Wilson, Kathy Hull, Carolyn Fallon, Ed Thorsland (updated June 2015), Alan Westfall, Karen Dann, Ernie Falke, Katie Detweiler, Barbara Darling, Don Berk, Sandy Cornelius, Dorothy Griffith, Doug Hughes, Dave Goode, Leo Johnson, Larry McCray, Elaine Tutton, Ed Shea, Virginia Hixon, Marilyn Dropkin, Marilyn Trapp, Ron Winchell and Steve Beaulieu in posting their profiles on this website.                             



Do you miss seeing some of your friends listed here? Encourage them to post now. Is your's here yet? Now would be a great time to let your classmates know what is new with you.

The  list attached here will tell you which classmates we had in danger during Hurricane Irma.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. If you have a directory you might send them an encouraging message. Or if you can access the web site please remind them they are part of a caring group.
For those recovering in Texas, or those already without power in Florida, we can pray that if they are feeling very alone, they get a little reminder somehow that a class from Ithaca cares how they are.
If in Florida, please let Steve or Phyllis know, if you can, how and where you are now.
Caldwell Davis Alice Altamonte Springs FL
Newhart Victor / Martha Apopka FL
Levine Seth/Kathy Aventura FL
Case Ronald/Joan Bradenton FL
Mitchell Knuutila Judy/Robin Bradenton FL
Honness Duane Crystal River FL
Ewanicki Philip/Jean Daytona Beach FL
Torrant Ewanicki Jean / Philip Daytona Beach FL
Van Natta Hewitt Suzanne Edgewater FL
Sieverts Hanna Katherine/Tom Englewood FL
Loomis Gary / Liz Dunn Ft Myers FL
Yengo Gutowsky Sally Ft Myers FL
Wilson David / Della Gainesville FL
Hall Tracy Evelyn / Ben Hudson FL
Avery Blovsky Mary / John Lake Placid FL
Roskelly Marsit Betty/Nick Naples FL
Royce Nacinovich Ellen / Tony Osprey FL
Tilton Marcia Port Richey FL
Greenwood Barrette Bonnie/Norman Port St Lucie FL
Miller Kennedy Jane / Chuck Riverview FL
Kaupp Vormwald Cecile Seminole FL
Sherwood Cornish Dolores Seminole FL
Creveling Clark Sharron Springhill FL
Shea Mick and Debbie Springhill FL
Hough Susan St Augustine Beach FL
Vormwald Tom / Carol Sue Sun City FL
Klippstein Eframson Sally Tarpon Springs FL
Beaulieu Stephen/Linda The Villages FL
Larimer Jan and Joy The Villages FL
McLaren Sommerman Phyllis The Villages FL
Muzzy LaMorte Kathleen The Villages FL
Grover Buck Sharon/Warren Vero Beach FL
Liguori Dan/Margie Vero Beach FL
June Ronald   Hinesville GA
Burkhalter Douglas Savannah GA
Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
Belle Sherman, Grade 6, 1953-1954
 "I stumbled across this picture among my mother’s photos.  I could identify all except four by recognition from memory.  27 pupils – we had big classes after WW II":

Back row: Eddie Knaysi, Bill Gordon, Jim Wells, Rob York, Don Enright, Virginia Klune, Dorothy Griffith, John Osborn, George Damp, Phil Ewanicki, Miss Chips.
Middle row: Virginia Hixon, Marilyn Dropkin, Janice Murphy, Allison MacLeod, Karen Ross, Phyllis McLaren, Marybelle Avery, Bonnie Gay, Carolyn Fallon, Wincie Hanneson, Celia Lawrence, Joan Kendall.
Front row: Mike Lawrence, Terry Cullen, Alan Mack, Robin Williams, Bob Seager.
Hi Phyllis,
        Just came back from an encore presentation of The Magic Flute from the Metropolitan Opera, Live In HD, opened my email and got your message.   It's always good to hear from you.
        Funny thing, the other day my massage therapist told me she had been to Ithaca a couple weeks ago with a friend, stayed on East Seneca Street in an airbnb, walked from downtown up to Cornell, walked all around Cornell, came back downtown, loved the city and its vibe, gorgeous colors in the leaves, beautiful scenery.  I said where did you eat and she told me Moosewoods, so I told her that was our old high school.   She couldn't go on enough about what a beautiful building it was and how cool it is, can't wait to go back to Ithaca.   Only thing was it was parents' weekend at Ithaca College so every restaurant was full and they couldn't get any reservations anywhere.   So that was a bit of a bummer but it didn't detract her at all from a return trip.  
        Weren't we all so lucky to have grown up there?   Oh, to go back to that simpler time.  
        Hope all is well with you down in sunny Florida.   It's dull, dreary, low 40s, looks like it's about to rain and/or snow.  Can't wait to get down to Florida in March.  Wintertime's not so much fun any more.
        Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Holiday season.    Best to Steve as well.
                                                       Best regards,
                                                                        Marty Wright
South Hill Second Graders
South Hill Second Graders

Classmate Richard Owlett recently shared this photo of some of our classmates during their second grade experience at the South Hill School. We welcome your attempts to identify any of these youngsters. Contact Steve Beaulieu at:

Here's what we have so far:  3rd row, far right--Richard Owlett; 2nd row, far right--Amelia Stratakos; Front row, third from the left--David Drier (moved out of district prior to high school), second from right--Claire Hernaez.

Ithaca High Alumni met at MacLeod's on July 30th
Ithaca High Alumni met at MacLeod's on July 30th
Ithaca High School New Englanders enjoyed a perfect day at Dunvegan  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another mini-reunion was staged in New England on July 30. This version was held at Alison MacLeod's Dunvegan Farm. 

Front row: Nancy Cladel Scholes; Dorothy Griffith Sonnichsen; Carol Grodon (Bill’s wife); Alison & Monty; Jeanne Powell (Andy’s wife); Janet Gray (Robert’s wife); Kathleen Muzzy Lamorte.
Second row: Charlie Scholes (Nancy’s husband); Bill Gordon; Andy Powell; Loulie Hoffman Kent ’61.
Third row: Chuck Klaer ’63; Chuck Moeder; George Kent ’61; Robert Gray.
Missing from the picture because they had to leave were Judi Fowler Quagliaroli ’61, her daughter-in-law Laura, and her 2 grandsons whose names I cannot remember although they had a great time and loved the farm. am

New England IHS Class of 1960 and Friends Luncheon Reunion Held December 11, at Robert Gray's Home
The Gray's were the host family for what Robert and several of our classmates hope will be the first of many six month gatherings of 1960 IHS grads. Alison MacLeod described the experience best when she wrote: "I wanted first to thank Bob and Janet for such a wonderful day, and make sure you know how much I appreciated all you did to make it possible. As I drove home Wednesday evening, I felt a warm glow of happiness, enjoying a sense of connection that happens only rarely. We are in a way all related ? a family ? bound by wonderful memories and the great good fortune to have shared a special time together in a very special place. By that I mean Ithaca, and the years we all spent wandering about through the halls of our old high school, believing we knew all we needed to know about life because we were US, teens of the mid-20th century, and nothing, but nothing, would stop us from taking on the world. How wonderful to reconnect after all these years and see that we did indeed take on the world ? each in our own, unique way. The beauty is that we?re still here, each of us having evolved into something wonderful, though likely not what we imagined way back then. Funny thing about teens. They do indeed believe they know it all, until eventually they don?t. Is that what growing up is all about?" Alison offered to host the next gathering at her Duvegen Farm next summer.
Gathering of classmates and friends at Robert and Janet Pozen Gray's home
Gathering of classmates and friends at Robert and Janet Pozen Gray's home
Pictured are:
Back Row (L to R): Judy Fowler Quagliaroli ('61), George Guyer, Chuck Moeder, Andy Powell, Bill Gordon, George Kent ('61), Jerry Freeman Front Row (L to R): Robert Gray, Carol Gordon, Charlotte Sweet Guyer, Loulie Kent ('61), Barbara Hartman Freeman, Alison MacLeod, Debbie Briggs Fraioli, Dorothy Griffin Sonnichsen, Janet Pozen Gray. Peter Farrow left before the group picture was taken. Photo licensed by Creative Commons
Class photo  professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photog
Class photo professionally taken by Monroe Payne. Copies of these are available through his website:Monroe Payne Photography
It's our birthday party!
Dear Classmates:
 Spring is here, and August is not far behind! We are planning for a great 75th birthday party!  August 25th through August 27th, 2017, in Ithaca, New York; stay longer if you can.
The major scheduled activities for the weekend are the Meet and Greet (Friday) and the Picnic (Saturday), thus creating a less structured gathering with more free time to chat, roam, see what you want to see.
 Making your connections and knowing where things are happening over the three day period is paramount to having a rewarding and satisfying time with classmates. So we write this letter hoping you find your interest points, connect with old friends and also with those you did not know so well back in high school, appear in the class picture when it is taken, and have fun!
This list of events/activities will be posted on the web site, the IHS’60 Facebook page, FACEBOOK group- "Ithaca (NY) High School Class of 1960" and will be available at check in desk at the Ramada. (**hotel reservation information is below)
On the web site, if this is a new venture for you, look on the left side of the home page, where you will see a menu listing of various pages you can go to. Arrow down a ways to these two links - the one for this event (Birthday Party), and the one that says "Who's Coming".  We would love to see your name there!!!
The host hotel is The Ramada, Route 13 north of Ithaca. Call now for reservations!  607-257-3100. Ask for the group rate of $149.95 under the group name “Class of ‘60 Birthday Party” when you call.
 On Friday the 25th  
*optional – Morning bird walk through Sapsucker Woods and a guided tour of the Cornell Ornithology Lab. Arrive at the Lab to walk by 9, tour at 10. Contact: Phyllis McLaren Sommerman  518-421-6726,
 *optional – 11:00 Guided Tour of our old high school (the DeWitt Mall) on Cayuga Street  Contact: Steve Beaulieu  Cell phone TBA
   Gather on the steps of the building facing Cayuga Street; and if you like, after the tour, join classmates for lunch at the Moosewood Restaurant which is in the basement of the building. Reservations for lunch should be made with Steve by August 18th. 
 *featured event Meet and Greet at The Rose Tap Room and Grill, Triphammer Mall.  4:00 – 9:00pm.  Serving ‘light fare’; beverages will be pay on your own. You will get a name tag as you arrive. The 2017 edition of our class directory will be available that evening, as well as at the picnic on Saturday.
 On Saturday the 26th
*optional – 9:30 Hiking. Robert H Treman State Park, 105 Enfield Falls Road, Ithaca, NY 14850. Meet at the Old Mill (Upper Entrance of the Park). This is a moderate 3 mile downhill hike, moving from the upper to lower end of trail. A good web site is  Contact Dave Wilson cell 352-275-1251 or email at
 *featured event - The Picnic is at Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park, South on 96B, right on West King Road. Kathleen has put your requests to thought and we are bound to have a great afternoon. While there are snack items available from 1:00 on, the chicken barbeque will be served around 4:00. We have the pavilion until dusk. Important! The class picture will be taken at this event. There is an entry fee into the park, about $7 per car. You may bring your own beverages if you desire but we will provide non-alcoholic beverages.
 On Sunday the 27th
*optional – 8:30 – 1:30 Sunday brunch at the Ramada. Time to say good-bye. Please make your own reservations through the hotel.
 Now and during the weekend, check our web site and our Facebook page  FACEBOOK group- "Ithaca (NY) High School Class of 1960" for live postings of added activities and updates. Or you may call Kathleen (352-250-2000)
 Donations – we kindly accept any amount; your contribution helps us stay in touch with each other, covering website licensing, postage, printing, paper and envelopes. We thank you in advance!
 Please return the bottom of this page with the registration fee of $35 per person. The same fee applies if you attend any or all of the events. 
 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ithaca High School Class of 1960 75th Birthday Party – 8/25 – 8/27/17
Name of classmate (for name tag) _____________________
 Name of guest (for name tag) ________________________
 Cell phone # ________________  (this number will be given to classmates as a contact number for you during the weekend)
 Number attending  Friday’s Meet and Greet _____  number attending the Picnic _______
 Make your check payable to Phyllis Sommerman.
Mail check to Phyllis Sommerman, 386 Union Mills Rd, Broadalbin, NY 12025



Just got back from a week in Ithaca showing our daughter and her husband around. We visited the gorges; Cascadilla, Buttermilk, Enfield, and Fall Creek. They all seem a little different now with the drought causing minimal water flow and shutting down all swimming for the public in these areas. Another noticeable change is the amount of traffic in the downtown area existing in the summer time! Who remembers when Ithaca was so hot with daily temps in the 90's?

Cheers to Ron Winchell !
Cheers to Ron Winchell !

​For those of you who follow these pages closely, Ron and Judy Winchell have had more than their share of medical issues these past five years. We are,however, use to them bouncing back and pushing on with full and active lives.
Ron, unfortunately,  has had a bit of a relapse of late. He might appreciate some encouraging words from classmates to get him over this momentary hurdle. We miss the nostalgic and witty essays that Ron periodically sends our way. We hope to hear much more from him in the months ahead. He often ends his pieces with, "Cheers"!
Back at you, Ron. Cheers to you!
His email address is: Judy's email address is:

This is a profile on Ed Michael, one of the 2016 inductees into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Ed Michael, a 1960 graduate of Ithaca High, is considered one of the greatest wrestling coaches Western New York has seen. He is the winningest coach in the history of the University of Buffalo program.

Michael compiled a record 215-107-3 over a 21-year career as head coach that spanned from 1971-1991. He led the Bulls to seven New York State Collegiate Wrestling Championships, helped UB reach the top-20 rankings 13 times and coached 107 different tournament winners.

"My athletes were just terrific,: Michael said. "This was major league."
Although he is mostly remembered for his career as a coach, he also taught physical education and served as the director of recreation and intramurals for 18 years. that allowed him to interact with the regular student body, something he enjoyed.
"I saw myself as not just a coach, but an educator," Michael said.

UB honored michael in 2011 when it named the renovated wrestling facility the Ed Michael Wrestling Complex.
"It's incredibly humbling, " Michael said. "In order for this facility to be built people had to support you financially."

" If a coach doesn't have success in his first five years, you're probably not going to see him in the profession too long...To be able to maintain you have to have success."

Michael still stays in shape using his own exercise routine, walking three miles six days a week and running three miles on the seventh day. He maintains a vegetable garden in his backyard and enjoys sculpting and classic cars. He is still active in the UB wrestling program and doesn't miss any of the team's meets.

Taken from an article written by Buffalo News sports reporter Jack Goods.

Thanks to: Martin Wright for sharing this with us.
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartment
The old high school building, known today as DeWitt Mall, is currently used for retail businesses, offices and apartments.
Planning committee 2017: Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman, and Steve Beaulieu
Planning committee 2017: Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte, Dave Wilson, Phyllis McLaren Sommerman, and Steve Beaulieu
        75th BIRTHDAY BASH BEING CONSIDERED FOR 2017. Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte will chair.

     2017 is not too far away for the members of the Class of 1960's reunion planning committee. It's hard to believe that we'll be celebrating our 75th Birthday Bash, when most of the class will either have turned 75 or will be close to it. When you get to be our age the days, weeks and months roll by faster and faster with each passing year. It will be August of 2017 in no time. Glad that we're getting a jump on this thirteen months ahead of time. 
     Kathleen Muzzy LaMorte has  agreed to chair the event. Phyllis McLaren Sommerman will continue as secretary-treasurer. Steve Beaulieu will continue as webmaster. and Facebook editor Other classmates will be joining the committee in coming months. If you are able to assist, in any way, please contact our secretary at:

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